GunCandy FAQ


How do I use your colors?

- Its simple! Just dump a jar of GunCandy into a 4oz bottle of clear, shake it for a full minute, then spray according to manufacturers instructions. 

    *NOTE- ALWAYS strain the coating while loading it in your spray gun.

Do I HAVE to use a black or color matched base?

-Not at all. The bases we recommend are only to achieve the finished color pictured on the site. You are free to mix and match any base you desire, just know that each different base will produce a different finished product. The options are limitless!

Do your colors affect the durability/heat resistance of the coating?

-Our testing has shown that when applied properly, GunCandy products have ZERO impact on the integrity of the parent coating. 

What's the shelf life of your product mixed/unmixed?

-Once mixed, our colors have no effect on the shelf life advertised by the coating manufacturer, so stick with what they recommend. Unmixed and sealed in the original jar, our colors will last 5+ years as long as they aren't exposed to excessive humidity.

Can I mix these colors into existing colors from my manufacturer?

- Absolutely! We have had great success using GunCandy colors to "tint" existing colors from varying manufacturers. 

Do I have to do anything special when applying GunCandy Chameleons?

- Everyone has a different spray technique, find a sample piece and do a quick test to ensure your method is successful. Our only recommendation is to spray Chameleon colors with as much of the firearm assembled as possible, or at least suspend them as if they were assembled. This ensures a smooth transition between parts when the colors begin to shift. 

Some of my jars look more/less full than others. Why?

-Each color is packaged by weight and potency to effectively treat 4oz of clear. Some colors are more dense than others, while some colors (GunCandy Chameleons, for example) are VERY potent. Our goal is to eliminate the variables so the end user can maintain a consistent spray technique, regardless of which of our products they use.